How to plan your honeymoon

By Dinner suit team

Traditionally it has always been the groom who plans the honeymoon however recently the bride (understandably) has wanted a say on where she’ll go to celebrate the wedding. The most important thing to remember is that the honeymoon is a way of forgetting the stress of all the wedding preparation and to treat the happy couple to a well deserved romantic break. Use the following guide to ensure your honeymoon is planned efficiently.

1) Choosing the destination

Most couples want to go somewhere sunny, warm and enjoyable so you’ll need to know when you’ll be travelling to pick the perfect destination. If you have an Autumn wedding then check out parts of Africa ie Kenya for a safari to remember or try a middle Eastern country. If your wedding is during the cold UK Winter months the Caribbean and Mauritius would be in stark contrast. In addition Asian destinations such as Thailand and Malaysia are great countries for activity and relaxation. For a Spring honeymoon you shold look to countries that are close to the equator ie the Maldives and the Caribbean. Also don’t forget America (ie Hawaii) and Mexico which are great ideas. For a Summer honeymoon European destinations such as Italy and Southern France wont let you down and wont be too hot.

2) Budgeting for your honeymoon

Two rules A) in general the groom pays (although it is becoming more popular for the couple to share the cost) and B) you pay for what you get when it comes to travel. If you are off for a long duration to exotic climbs with top star luxury then prepare to pay. Honeymoon packages don’t come cheap so it’s definitely worth shopping around online or on the high street. There are also publications that can be bought which will give you some great ideas.

Holiday3) Booking your trip

There are a multitude of travel agents and flight providers that can be used for your honeymoon. The editorial team  recommend you check out the likes of Ebookers (for packages) , Low cost holidays (for budget travel) and Kuoni (for higher priced trips). Also if you are a bit of a blagger you can see if you can blag an upgrade or at least a basket of fruit . You know what they say ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’.

4) Preparing for your honeymoon

It’s common sense but ensure you have all the correct paperwork (such as valid passport, travel insurance etc) and medication to ensure there are no hiccups on the wedding. When it comes to money most countries now have ATM machines and you’ll be able to use your Visa/Mastercard however if you want to ensure you always have some access to money then perhaps pick up some traveler cheques (but bear in mind they can be tricky to cash).