How to tie a cravat

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cravatCravats have been around for centuries and more recently have become a popular accessory to compliment morning wear at weddings. The Dinner-suit team personally believe a self-tied cravat really speaks volumes at a formal event or wedding and as such we have pulled together a visual step-by-step guide on how to correctly tie a cravat from scratch. Moss Bros have a great collection of cravat and waistcoat packages – just use their product selection functionality. If you are looking to kit out a groom party then check out Moss Bros’ hire site. They have an extensive collection of cravats in a multitude of styles. Cravat rentals start from as little as £5 per cravat.


Tying a cravat

No other accessory looks better on a wedding suit than a top quality (and well tied) cravat. Follow the step-by-step guide and visual image to tying a cravat to look the part.

How to tie a cravat

1) Start by placing the cravat flat around your neck, with the right hand side falling a few inches below the left.

2) Cross the longer end over the shorter end from right to left and bring the same piece under the shorter end.

3) Continue by bringing the same piece up and over the top, to the left hand side.

4) Pull the piece through the loop of the neck so that it sits behind the knot.

5) Finally pull the piece through the knotted loop and lay the section down. Good work, you’re now a fully fledged cravat tier.

Tying a Windsor knot

Although James Bond took a dislike to the Windsor knot we think it’s a great style piece that has a precise and symmetrical look. The Windsor knot came to be following Edward VII’s preference to the wide knot. The Windsor knot tends to be worn on more formal occasions and most suited to a spread or cutaway collar.

Simply follow the guide below to tie the perfect Windsor knot.

How to tie a windsor knot
1) Start with the wide end of your necktie on the right, extending about 12 inches below the narrow end on the left.

2) Cross the wide end over the narrow end and then bring the wide end up through the loop between the collar and your tie. Then bring the wide end back down.

3) Pull the wide end underneath the narrow end and to the right, back through the loop and to the right again so that the wide end is inside out.

4) Bring the wide end across the front from right to left and pull the wide end up through the loop again.

5) Finally bring the wide end down through the knot in front and tighten the knot carefully, drawing it up to the collar. Voila a perfect tie knot.