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Here at Dinner-suit we’ve always been a fan of gadgets and travel gadgets are no exception. Whether you’re heading off to face the mud at a UK festival or off to sun yourself in more exotic climates then check out this essential collection of travel gadgetry from Firebox. If you are not aware, are one of the leading online retailers for gadgets and gifts, consistently bringing out all the latest tech and gizmos to keep any geek happy.




We know how much people are reliant on their phones now-a-days to get anything done; whether its directions, selfies or social updates the smart phone is a must. However without power you can only really use it as an expensive paperweight. Thankfully some clever bod has come up with ‘Fuel’ – the world’s smallest phone charger. Realistically to be used in emergencies the Fuel charger can give you up to thirty minutes of talk time but then again it can fit in the pocket! Simply pop the cap of the ‘jerry can’ and insert the USB nozzle into you mobile phone and away you go. There are various LED lights to let you know the status of the charge. Note that this only works via micro-USB so is not compatible with Apple phones. RRP – £24.99


wallet ninja

The wallet ninja

It’s always the case … you’re stuck in a lift desperately trying to open that can of peaches but your smart phone isn’t of use. Well help is at hand from the wallet ninja – the latest 18-in-1 multi-tool. Yes, we know that multi-tools have been out for decades but this isn’t any old tool it’s a 4x heat-treated steel multi-tool making it almost indestructible in any environment. ‘So’ I hear you ask ‘What can it do?’ – well … it’s a can and bottle opener, fruit peeler, ruler, screw driver, phone stand and much more.  A must for any budding traveler. RRP – £8.99



cafflanoCafflano Klassic

As massive coffee aficionados we’re always frustrated when your out and about and there simply isn’t anywhere to get a cup of the good stuff. Well help is now at hand thanks to the revolutionary ‘Cafflano'; the latest all-in-one portable coffee maker. This isn’t just a trumped up thermos flask it really is a piece of clever kit. In a nut-shell (or coffee bean) you simply take the beans from the top of the Cafflano, tip them into the ceramic grinder, grind them down so they fall into the filter, add boiling water and let it drip through. Once made it stays piping hot thanks to the insulated walls. You’ll never have to visit a Starbucks again! RRP – £64.99





Ok so this one is for the more hardened of traveler, the kind of guy who goes off to a patch of jungle in the middle of the Amazon without bringing a water bottle! The LifeStraw is a remarkable invention; a safe and portable filter for water. According to its spec it is able to remove 99.9999% of water-borne bacteria so you’ll be very unlucky if that 0.0001% gets you Delhi Belly. It is also very efficient when it comes to filtering water and can purify 1000 litres of water without changing. This is also the perfect portable travel gadget as it only weighs 2oz! RRP – £29.99





notebook bbqNotebook BBQ

Ok so this might not be as portable as the other travel gadgets mentioned above but its a BBQ … a real life portable BBQ. Genius. If you’re one of the festival goers who doesn’t like spending a fortune on gourmet food but would happily settle for a sizzling chop then the Notebook BBQ is for you. Made from durable pressed-steel its strong and light enough to you to take it nearly anywhere. All you need to provide is the charcoal and ingredients for a tasty BBQ at any time of the day and at less than twenty five quid it’s a steal. RRP – £24.99

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It’s warming up so it’s time to pack away your winter attire and bring out the summer clothing. One classic staple of any well groomed man should be a classic, short sleeved casual shirt. Worn at both social and at the work place (well media work place anyway) the humble short sleeve shirt will keep you both looking and feeling cool. Shirts  Trends this season include engaging checks, muted pastels and those with a large collar. Simply pair up a shirt with your favourite pair of faded jeans of shorts for that summery look. Just remember to use antiperspirant as no-one wants to see those sweat patches!

Here at Dinner-suit we’ve always been impressed by Burton’s selection of shirts and this season they’ve come up trumps. Just check out some of the fantastic short sleeve numbers we’ve picked out below. With their current promotion of two shirts at just £35 and a full range of sizes you’ve got no excuse to check out their latest collection.


pink blue check blue shirt leaf pattern check blue geo check


Time to bring out the t-shirt

Posted: 27th March 2015 by Dinner suit team in T-shirts
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Finally we’re moving out of the dank, dark and gloomy winter days into the bright and balmy days of Spring. Not only does that mean longer days and lazy nights but it also means packing away the baggy woolen clothes for the classic T-SHIRT!

We’ve always been fans of t-shirts as they’re not only comfy to wear but also helps to express ones character and style. Interestingly it seems that 2015 is going to be the year of the branded t-shirt. Let’s face it there are some cool brands and logos that have weathered the tides of time and still remain true classics, especially when they have that retro-faded look. Below are a few classic t-shirt examples taken from 80’s experts Truffle Shuffle. We especially like the Japanese themed Coke shirts. There’s certainly something cool when you mix up the classic Coca Cola logo with Japanese writing. Last count Truffle Shuffle had a staggering 2,200 designs to choose from, so if brands isn’t your thing you’re sure to find one you like.

Anyhow let’s get those fleeces off and get down and dirty with the t-shirts!