Time to bring out the t-shirt

Posted: 27th March 2015 by Dinner suit team in T-shirts
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Finally we’re moving out of the dank, dark and gloomy winter days into the bright and balmy days of Spring. Not only does that mean longer days and lazy nights but it also means packing away the baggy woolen clothes for the classic T-SHIRT!

We’ve always been fans of t-shirts as they’re not only comfy to wear but also helps to express ones character and style. Interestingly it seems that 2015 is going to be the year of the branded t-shirt. Let’s face it there are some cool brands and logos that have weathered the tides of time and still remain true classics, especially when they have that retro-faded look. Below are a few classic t-shirt examples taken from 80’s experts Truffle Shuffle. We especially like the Japanese themed Coke shirts. There’s certainly something cool when you mix up the classic Coca Cola logo with Japanese writing. Last count Truffle Shuffle had a staggering 2,200 designs to choose from, so if brands isn’t your thing you’re sure to find one you like.

Anyhow let’s get those fleeces off and get down and dirty with the t-shirts!


2015 trends

Posted: 23rd December 2014 by Dinner suit team in Menswear
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So as 2014 relinquishes its grasp we look at what trends 2015 has in store for the contemporary British gentleman. This month we’ve chosen two critical elements to any mans street-kudos; hair and fashion.


As you probably noticed this year we saw the ‘step’ and shaggy beard making a strong statement however experts within this sector the following will also be popular trends/ styles for 2015.

hair2If you’re lucky enough to have a full head of flowing hair then make sure it sits at shoulder-length. Keeping hair healthy and regularly trimmed will ensure it remains an asset and not a put-off. If you do have long hair we recommend wearing it tied back (ponytail or top knot). This style has become increasingly popular and you’ll notice it a lot more on men this year. This hair style is particularly effective with a rugged beard.

If you need your hair to be a little more formal look to achieve a more suave finish. This can be obtained by having shorter sides and backs and blending with scissors for a softer finish. Products suited for this cut include ‘fibers’ that make styling with fingers an absolute doddle. Texture will remain most men’s creativity when it comes to their barnet. 2015 will see an increase in a mischievous yet sophisticated look. The best way to achieve this look is with clay that enables control without a greasy look.

Finally (and you may not believe it) 2015 will see the rise in hairbands. We’re not talking about the glittery, pink things your sister wore but plain black hairbands to help keep those locks out of the way. Put it this way if it’s trendy enough for those footballers to wear then you’ll be in good stead.


Fashion trends move a lot faster than hair so make the most of the following fashion nuggets:

denim jacketDenim – it’s been around for decades but this year we’ll see it spruce up in various guises from wallets and coats through to tailored jackets.

Prints – no longer the haunting ground of curtains this year you’ll see gaudy and classical print designs adorning shirts, jumpers and to be honest most attire.

Neckerchiefs – ever thought tying a bandanna around your neck was a good idea? No neither did we but this apparently is a hot craze at the moment.

Bowling shirts – long necklines, baggy and comfortable, expect to see bowling shirts making a statement in Summer 2015.

Bright suits – by bright we mean intense coloured suits, moving away from the blacks and greys into light blues and yellows.