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realitysandwichWe’ve reviewed many gadgets and gizmos over the past few years but one that has grown (and still continues to grow) is the development of virtual reality. The fact that numerous well-known companies are now investing heavily into this sector can only be a good thing. With added investment comes quick progress so its exciting to see Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift (the new VR headset technology) and 21sr Century’s buy-in into augmented technology.

If like us you are a fan and can’t wait to get immersed into some crazy, fun filled worlds then you’ll want to check out the new dedicated resource for all things VR – THEREALITYSANDWICH.COM. These guys will ensure you are kept up-to-date with all the latest virtual reality news and reviews. The site has been well designed and is easily navigable.  Initially chose from two areas – AR or VR and from there you can check out their reviews and thoughts on areas such as games, gadgets, apps, films and much more. This is  truly great resource that will not disappoint and virtual reality fans.

The Dinner-suit team will continue to find specialist digital resources that will provide insights into specific areas. If you would like to recommend one please use the relevant contact form.

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For the past few years the team at Dinner-suit have tried to predict what the top men’s fashion trends will be at the beginning of the year … and in most cases we’ve been getting it right. We’ve not been loitering around at any fashion event or have mass-subscriptions to fashion magazines, we just speak to our readers and use our gut to predict. In this post we’ll take a look at the various fashion fads for 2016 so you’ll know what’s expected in order to look the part.



The sixties were iconic. They produced some of the greatest bands through to some of the most stylish fashion. We believe this year we’ll see a revival of a lot of sixties fashion designs from the ubiquitous denim jacket through to faux leather jackets. Retailers such as Rokit will sell these garment and also check out our last point below on where to get your 60’s fix.


They may have disappeared for a while but now they’re back and shinier than ever – yes the silk lapel has made a resurgence. These lapels have been used on tuxedo jackets for years but now these jackets are being worn with more casual clothing including dark jeans. In 2016 look out for burgundy jackets with black lapels, this is going to be the colour of the season.



A few decades ago fur clothing got a right kicking which meant it was a no-go area for most of the British population. However since we no longer need to farm chinchillas for their skins, relying instead on faux fur, the chewbacca look is back. Keep an eye out for large, opulent offerings in dark and pale brown fur.



Yes it was a classic song by Madness and they were taken to the extreme by MC Hammer but in 2016 baggy trousers will be a feature in most men’s wardrobes. Skinny and loose fit trousers will seem so last season against the baggy. Check out the likes of ASOS for a great range of trousers.


Is it a sleeveless jacket or a puffed up waistcoat? Neither – it’s a gilet! Over the past few years the gilet has made a bit of a comeback and with the likes of Superdry, Jack Wills, Henri Lloyd (featured) and Barbour having a go they’ll look trendier than ever in 2016; so you needn’t worry you’ll look like Marty McFly.



Back in the day rummaging around a charity shop was left to the poor and dishevelled however know its become a ‘thing’, an ‘event’. Groups of young trend setters will hit a high-street for an hour and go through as many charity shops as possible to find that gem of a retro garment; and there are some great finds to be had. Look high, look low and eventually you’ll bag yourself a unique one-off item.

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mossWith the party season well under way we thought we would help our users get to grips when it comes to renting formal wear. Although the price of buying a dinner suit or white tie has come down over the years sometimes its a lot simpler just to hire your attire. If it’s a one off occasion such as a Christmas ball or if you’re the groom looking to kit out your ushers then hiring is certainly the most efficient and wallet-friendly option.

We’ve talked about them a lot in the past and still the kings of men’s formal wear rental are Moss Bros. They’ve got literally decades of experience under their tailoring belt and will ensure you look the part on your big day. Even better news is that Moss Bros have released a new version of their formal wear hire site. We’ve had a look around and found it an easy navigable and informative experience.

There are a number of options on the Mossbroshire site from choosing an outfit based on the occasion through to actually digitally building up an outfit.  Along with the standard dinner suit/ tuxedo offering (dinner jacket, trousers, waistcoat, shirt and bow tie) there are outfits for more formal occasions such as Ascot and more unusual events such as highland wear. If you’ve put on a few pounds or have trimmed down no need to worry as Moss have an extensive range of sizes.  There is also a section for the youngsters, with a good choice of suits for children and teenagers.



Overall Moss Bros have done a great job in ensuring that all areas of formal wear hire are covered. Currently they have a strong offer where the groom goes free for parties over five so its well worth a look if you have a wedding coming up in 2016.